July 16, 2024

EFDC – Epping Forest District Council Taxi Driver

After an arrest of a licensed mini cab from Epping Forest we have approached EFDC media team to get their position on the situation.

In the past we have seen varied responses from councils after one of their licensed drivers were arrested for child sex offences.

We have seen minicab drivers normally the ones licensed with TFL out driving the next day, but EFDC have stepped up to protect their residents and visitors to the area and done the right thing.

The réponse we have received from them:

A council spokesperson said: “Public safety is always our top priority. Indeed it is our main aim in taxi licensing, ensuring both the driver and the vehicle are suitable.

Every driver who applies for a licence is checked by the council before we grant a licence. We carry out enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks and only issue a licence where the checks come back satisfactory.

Everyone is innocent unless or until proven guilty. However, our first responsibility has to be for the safety and welfare of our residents and visitors to our district.  As a matter of policy where we have received evidence or information that suggests circumstances have changed since the last DBS check and a risk might be posed to the public, we suspend the licence until the matter has been resolved.”

The driver in question who lives in Lambourne End, Chigwell arrived at the location in Loughton, Essex to meet who he thought was a young child for sex. He is lucky that it was a decoy from CSE Interceptors or he could be looking at charges of rape by now.

He has since been released under investigation, once we know more we will be updating you.


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  1. Well done to the Police and the interceptors.

    The taxi drivers in the EFD are NOT minicabs like those licensed by the TFL. Most of the cabbies are Hackney Carriage, whilst a handful are prebooked through an office like Lawlors (similar to minicabs but plated).

    TFL/Uber don’t care about criminal records, hence why their drivers don’t get checked.

    Recently all Epping cabbies attended a CSE seminar, hosted by The Council, to raise awareness of increasing criminal activities. Apart from dialling 101 there should be a more direct way of contacting the law enforcement team quickly.

    Sadly, a minority of undesirables slip through the checks.

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