January 27, 2023

Harlow, Essex – 77 Year-Old Shop Owner Arrested

Today (17th May) a 77 year-old male was arrested after communicating over a period of time with one of our investigators. He sent multiple indecent images and videos to the person he thought was a young child.

He is a local shop owner, and director of a Harlow Sports Club, and he was very upset at being arrested as he had a lot to loose.

The male turned up at the B&Q car park to meet the child and was met by CID officers who took him into custody.

He has been released on bail and attended Harlow Police station on 27th June for his bail to be extended whilst investigations continue.

Please be aware that this person has been arrested after one or more of our investigators were contacted by them. They thought they were contacting a child under the age of 16. We do not entrap anyone and its the persons choice to meet the person they think is a child. Some cases we are unable to name them straight away due to the CPS requirements. They have been arrested on suspicion, and its down to the CPS to either NFA them or charge them for them to appear in court. If they are charged and the case goes to court, we will publish the entire chat logs, pictures and names of the people involved. If the Police feel they are unlikely to bring conviction against them, it doesn’t mean they are not guilty, and we will then publish the chat logs for the public to see.

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