January 26, 2023

Sawbridgeworth – Paedophile Stephen Youens

Stephen Youens

So Youens was in court today for the crime of arranging to meet a child for the purpose of a sex party with two other men in his house. The other men both 29 denied knowing the forth person was going to be a child.

He arranged to meet a young boy on a gay dating website and turned up at Aldi store in Harlow to collect him. He thought he was going to take this boy back to his house where two other men were waiting to rape the child. 

Whilst waiting for the child he was spooked by two plain clothed police officers and started demanding pictures of the child or he would leave without him.

During the messages he said to the investigator that he had people watching the store, and that they could not see the child. It is unknown if he was referring to the two other men that were found in his house.

Youens then left the scene and went back to his house to start the sex party without the child.

We then traced his device to his home address, and alerted local CID officers who attended and arrested him. They found the two other men both 29 at the home when they arrived. 

His devices were removed from his home and searched by officers who found indecent images and voyeurism videos.

He was then arrested and charged. He attended Chelmsford Magistrates Court and then transferred upto Chelmsford Crown Court for the offence. After discussions about his current charge and now two new charges he got off with the additional charges as it was agreed to no longer purse them for some reason. It is unknown why the CPS felt the second case met the criteria for charging but later dropped it in court.

This paedophile is a risk to children and we would advise everyone to keep their children away from him. If he moves near you and your unsure you can apply to the local police force under sarah’s law to get the information.

He was smiling whilst in court recieving his extremely lenient sentence of 18 months custodial suspended for two years. 

He has also had to sign the sex offenders register and received a Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

Paedophiles like this can often re-offend as your see from our site, you should make sure you never leave your children near to these types of individuals.

This sentence was rather pathetic, and these judges don’t take the full picture into account half the time. 


  1. Our law is an ass why would they let this person stay free to hurt more chrildren and he will he should have put away for a very long time if or i should say when he does it again put the judge away for letting him go

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