January 26, 2023

High Roding, Essex – 42 year-old male under police investigation

During one of our investigations more than one of our profiles were contacted by a male from High Roding, Dunmow, Essex. The conversations went on for over two months and multiple pictures were sent by the male along with multiple requests of nude or nearly nude pictures of the people he thought were young boys.

When the male agreed to meet the young boy in Dunmow, the investigator arranged with the Police to arrest him. The investigators made their way to his home address to follow him to the agreed location. But they then messaged saying that he won’t be able to meet as he has to go to his nephews school fate. The investigator was checking the location of the device sending the message and confirmed it was sent from his property, after a while the male then left his home and drove off towards Great Baddow.

He then agreed to meet later that day, and our investigators where still at his property and confirmed he had returned and started sending them messages again from his house. The messages continued albeit he was lying saying he was still out and he was actually at home.

Since this the Police were updated about the incident and they have decided to follow this up without him arranging to meet again as the offence of online grooming had already took place.

The Police ceased the phones being used by the investigators and carried out forensic downloads for evidential purposes as it was clear that he was deleting traces of the offence from his own devices and has since disabled his accounts on the Gay Dating Sites.

We can confirm that both Essex Police and Essex Social Services are dealing with the investigation into this male. We have had a lot of communications from some of his friends saying he is innocent and its all lies, and that Essex Police are not investigating him. But this is the way the family
and friends are dealing with the offence.

When things like this happen its quite normal for people to deny all knowledge of the offence. They then move on to say they were set up, it was an ex, their internet was hacked and so on. This is normal and normally helps them cover it up as this male said, “Its Life Changing, I don’t want to get caught”.

Please not we have removed the males name from the article as his friends don’t want him named, as they are worried for his safety. We must say we do not condone any violence towards the individuals as it turns the offender into a victim and no one wants that.

Please be aware that this person may have been arrested after one or more of our investigators were contacted by them. They thought they were contacting a child under the age of 16. We do not entrap anyone and its the persons choice to meet the person they think is a child. Some cases we are unable to name them straight away due to the CPS requirements. They have been arrested on suspicion, and its down to the CPS to either NFA them or charge them for them to appear in court. If they are charged and the case goes to court, we will publish the entire chat logs, pictures and names of the people involved. If the Police feel they are unlikely to bring  conviction against them, it doesn’t mean they are not guilty, and we will then publish the chat logs for the public to see.

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