July 14, 2024

Basildon, Essex – Paul Bryant, the convicted paedophile

Paul Bryant

Paul Bryant 40 of Dewsgreen, Basildon, was sentenced today at Basildon Crown Court for arranging to meet a child for penetrative sex.

On the 14th June Bryant was working for a care company providing care for the elderly around the Buntingford area of Hertfordshire. Whilst working he was also using the gay dating app called Grindr.

Bryant in Pants & Baby bottle found in car

Whilst on the app he came across one of our decoy profiles of a young 15 year old boy. He contacted the profile saying “Hi” followed by a picture of his small erect penis. He went on to send further picutres, one of him in his pants, and another face picture.

The third message Bryant sent was “How Old are you” followed by  “Its cool if you are young”. The decoy replied saying that he was 15 years old. Bryant then replied “Thats ok when u free then can you accommodate?” He then went on and asked for pictures of the decoy, when he was told no, he went on to continue to pressure the child for pictures in his pants.

The conversation went on and Bryant said “So you meeting me later and this is not a trap?” Then locations were provided my means of sending a GPS location in Bishops Stortford. Bryant went on to say “What will you have on when I arrive” the decoy replied “What do you want me to wear” Bryant went on to say “Pants” followed by “what pants you got” and “Are you safe as I know your young”.

Bryant then went on to request that the pair should “suck each other off” and asking “have you got a nice cock” He reassured the decoy that age did not matter and “Age is just a number to me, we have to be careful tho”.

Bryant was clear that an age means nothing to him and he was not worried about breaking the law nor possibly ruining a child’s life.

Arrangements were then made to meet in a discreet quite location of a church car park around two miles of the main road.  Bryant went on to say “Nice are you going to get in my car and drop your trousers”

Bryant then turned up to the location and was found in the graveyard a short distance from his car when an unmarked police car followed by three marked polices cars pulled into the car park to arrest him.

When his car was searched numerous items were found in the car one thing being a baby milk bottle, padlocks, rubber gloves, tissues, and paperwork.

Bryant who has for some years always held position as a care worker for a number of companies. His employer found out about Bryants arrest and terminated his employment once he pleaded guilty and was remanded in prison.

It was also mentioned that in 2012 Bryant was arrested and charged with driving whilst under the influence of alcohol.

Whilst sobbing in the dock, the judge handed him a 15 month suspended prison sentence, 5 year on the sex offenders register, 5 year sexual harm prevention order. He was ordered to take part in the Horizon Programme and to carry out 40 rehabilitation activity requirement days and pay £200 in costs.

The judge also ordered a review of his progress and to make sure he is abiding by the order to work with the probation service and able to keep out of trouble. This means he will be required to attend Basildon Crown court on the 19th November 2018.

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