July 14, 2024

Harlow, Essex – Ambulance driver arrested for grooming a child

A male today 10th October was arrested in the Barn Mead area of Harlow, Essex after grooming a child online for his own sexual gratification.

The male arrived after arranging to meet a child and return to his house in the Barn Mead area. When the male arrived at the agreed location, he thought he was being set up by one of our investigators and decided to leave the area.

We then traced his IP address and located him at his home address again, where he was quickly arrested by officers from Essex Police.

The worst part about this offender is he is an Senior Emergency Technician for East of England Ambulance Service.

Please let be a warning to others, once you have arranged a meeting you have already committed the offence. Should you not turn up, you will be tracked down and still arrested.

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