July 14, 2024

Harlow, Essex – Stephen Youens, Charged and transferred to Chelmsford Crown Court

Stephen Youens

Stephen Youens, 52 was charged yesterday for grooming a child after our CSE Interceptors arranged for him to be brought into custody.

Youens a married man from Fiveacres, Harlow thought he was grooming a young child and arranged to have sex with the child at his home address whilst his wife was out.

Stephen Youens. Fiveacres, Harlow

He turned up to the agreed location but was spooked and reported to the child he thought it was a setup and it was actually CSE Interceptors there to arrest him. We then traced him to his home address and alerted officers from Essex Police who attended the property and took him into custody.

If this had been an actual child, we dread to think what Youens could have done to them after we found out what things he was up to in the property. He also made us aware he has links to other paedophiles locally some of which have been arrested previously after our investigations.

As with most Child Sex Offenders they surround themselves with children, Youens did the same, he had contact with local schools and Colleges. He also spent a week working with children between 10-11 years-old in June helping out with the Crucial Crew event in Loughton where hundreds of children would have attended and come into direct contact with him.

Youens was remanded and sent straight to Chelmsford Magistrates Court today, the case was too serious for them to deal with and it has been transferred to the Crown Court for the 8th November for a plea hearing. Meanwhile he has been released on unconditional bail.

Youens who was a Senior Technician for East of England Ambulance Service working out of Loughton Station has now been suspended from Duty, and we have been provided with the following statement from them.

“We have suspended a member of staff in the West Essex area who was arrested for engaging in sexual conversation with someone under the age of 16 years.  Such behaviour is totally unacceptable and we are co-operating fully with the police in their ongoing investigation.  We will also be instigating our own internal investigation.”

As you know we do not want anyone to attempt to cause harm to Youens, his family or their property, please let the CPS now do their work and see what he gets as a sentence. Lets keep him as an offender not a victim, whilst this case continues.

If you have any concerns about this male yourself that he may be linked to other offences, you may contact Essex Police on 101 and speak to an officer to share your concerns.



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