July 16, 2024

Harlow, Essex – Maurice Peacock – Charged with Grooming a child

Maurice Peacock of Blakes Farm in Harlow has been charged after grooming a child and attempting to meet them for sex.

Peacock who owns and runs Blakes Farm in Harlow is also a Director and Secretary of Tye Green Indoor Bowls Club. Whilst running his Gas shop business on his farm he decided to spend some time talking to who he thought was a child. He then attended a car park in Harlow to collect the child to take back home, but was met by officers from Essex Police who arrested him and took him into custody.

This investigation turned a corner when it involved other suspected paedophiles from the Harlow area and also linked to Peacock and his local connections. More information about this will follow in due course.

Peacock will attend Chelmsford Magistrates Court on the 23rd April, the case will be transferred up to the crown court for a plea hearing.

We share information to protect children, please make sure you do not attempt to interfere with the case by approaching Peacock, his family or businesses. If anyone is found to have done such a thing they could be arrested and find their self in the dock, and no one want this.

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