July 16, 2024

Harlow, Essex – Roland Ford Sentenced

Roland Ford was in Chelmsford Crown Court today where he was sentenced.

Ford was arrested in Harlow back in June then he was charged and remanded in prison for the offence of online sexual grooming of a child under the age of 16.

The investigation started when Ford was talking to who he thought was a young boy online, but it was in fact a decoy investigator. He arranged to meet the child and take him home where he was going to have sex with him.

Officers from Essex Police turned up at the agreed location to arrested Ford and take him into custody.

He went in front of the judge today for sentencing after pleading guilty last month. He received a 5 year prison sentence for the offence and has a Sexual Harm Prevention order for life, along with his name being on the Sex Offenders Register too.

Arranging to meet children for sex is illegal, it ruins lives and this goes to show that the courts will not go lightly on their sentence.


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